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Nov 2016 DealerStar Complete Integration with CarFax

DealerStar DMS has completed the integration with MyCarFax.  By sending the dealerships' service history to MyCarFax, customers of DealerStar’s dealership clients can log into the new MyCarFax app and view their repair order history and recalls.  Customers can review recommend maintenance and with a simple click, the customer is directed to the dealer’s website to create a service appointment. According to Ryan Pierson, the owner of Crossway Auto Center,  "The key to repeat sales and profitability is getting our customers back into the shop on a regular basis.  This app increases loyalty and our customers love it!" Sandi Jerome, the president of DealerStar DMS added, “DealerStar DMS is focused on increasing profits for our dealers.  By creating a tight integration to MyCarFax at no charge to our dealers, their revenue  increases without any added expense.”   

Sept 2016 DealerStar marks fourth year installed at dealerships - This month marked the 4th anniversary of their first fully integrated DMS installation at a franchised dealership.  This first client is still on DealerStar today!  We have successfully updated all our clients to our new "Bootstrap" version of DealerStar 2.0 that enables a single format for all devices; desktop, tablets, and smartphones. 
Jan 2016 DealerStar Founder, Sandi Jerome Speaks at 20th Digital Dealer Conference - Sandi's workshop on DMS reports and Extractions was a great success. Attendees were able to ask their tough questions and express how difficult it is to get the data they need from R+R, CDK (ADP,) DealerTrack, and the other alternative DMS systems. 
Oct 2015 DealerStar Update on Honda, Chrysler, and Ford Progress - We have received the specs for Honda certification and have begun that programming along with entering the Ford certification program. The Chrysler financial statement is almost done and we've completed the Chrysler parts master.  These 6 integrations; Ford, KIA, VW, Chrysler, Honda and GM will cover 80% of the total dealerships or 13,680 total. If we can eventually get a little less than 10% of that market or 1300 dealerships paying an average of $2000 a month, then that will mean over 31 million in revenue. Of course, we'll continue to try for Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, and Mazda and any other factory that will let us into their certification program.
Sept 2015 DealerStar completes VW and KIA integration. We have completed our integration of both VW and KIA with our first KIA dealer being installed right after our first GM dealer installation is complete. We have also upgraded our source code to mysqli extensions to be ready for the newer versions of PHP.  We completed this task 2 years ahead of schedule. 

March 2015 DealerStar approved by GM.  DealerStar today announced that their DMS has been approved by General Motors (GM) for all DTAP Required integrations as well as some of the Preferred integrations. DealerStar's DMS is now fully certified under GM DTAP. "DealerStar is focused on making our fully web-based dealership management system interact easier with GM to increase efficiency and profitably," said Sandi Jerome, President of DealerStar. "We will be working closely with our GM Dealers to determine which of the additional preferred integrations they would like us to integrate next. With DealerStar being a fully web-based system, we can increase manufacturer integration by using web services to help GM dealerships improve the accuracy and productivity of their employees, which, in turn, can improve the overall profitability of their dealership operations."  GM integrations give dealership personnel the ability to view in DealerStar applications information from GM including vehicle history, parts pricing, supersession history, and warranty status. In addition, GM dealers can view the availability of a specific part at the dealership's distribution center along with two additional centers as well as displaying key ordering and shipping information such as stock availability, weight, and hazardous material indication. DealerStar's GM integration helps dealers increase the productivity of employees by reducing time spent switching between browser tabs, provide better vehicle, warranty and parts accuracy, increase customer satisfaction through quick answers to customer inquiries, and reduce the time service technicians wait for parts requests to be fulfilled.

Nov 2014 DealerStar Receives 2nd Web-based DMS Patent - DealerStar Inc., has announced that a patent was granted for US Application 13/488,467 titled; Web-Based Dealership Management System. This is the 2nd patent granted to DealerStar and designer Sandra Jerome that relates to a fully integrated web-based DMS. Last year, DealerStar announced the issuance of US Patent No. 8495487 that covered the database, technical layers, browser and mobile access, factory communications, and web-based structure of a DMS. The original patent was split into a 2nd divisional patent for the calculations and processing of the DMS data. This 2nd divisional patent has been granted and includes features like vehicle monthly payment calculations, insurance, reserve and gross profit calculations, payroll processing, labor rates, parts matrix pricing, sales tax computations, and integrated accounting and reporting functions. According to designer, Sandi Jerome, "This is great news for our group of charter investors that believed in our vision and invested in DealerStar long before the patents were granted. It demonstrates that we have a better, faster, and more economical way to deliver a cloud-based DMS to dealers at a lower price. In the long run, we'll have less internal support and R&D costs and we've already shown how easy it was to embrace new technology like mobile access. All our screens can be accessed by any browser on any device including smart phones and tablets. As more 3rd parties like manufacturers move to web services, the sharing of data with a fully integrated web-based DMS is faster and easier than old legacy DMS systems. We are 50% complete with VW integration, 90% complete with GM and now working on KIA and Chrysler."
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