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"Support is great - they get forms done fast - usually the same day"
Desking- Side by Side Quotes with Rollback of payments to sales price, rate, terms, down
Dashboard of deals, goals, gross by salesperson
Customized purchase and lease payment and reserve calcs by lender
Quick Quotes and Deals stored forever, even if a dead deal
Custom mapping of each item to the general ledger for posting with custom selection of control numbers method- Cust#, Stock#, Last8, Vin
Custom selection of the timing to update the customer in service database, update trade to vehicle inventory, and updating vehicle status to sold. You can post any deal to any accounting month that you open.
For each sale account, ability to determine the sales tax account, commission account (front and back) and lien payoff account and how controlled.
F&I laser or impact forms - using Wolters Kluwer Bankers System
Ability to automatically add fees, aftermarket, menu (with CLAH, service contract) to deal when started
Deal recap - reconcile vehicle cost to schedule detail, gross profit (front and back) reserves, set up due bills
Integration to 700 Credit for Credit reporting and OFAC
Custom script for sales tax and ability to indicate for each vehicle, fee, aftermarket, and rebate if the item is taxable or not.
Service contracts/CL,AH can be mapped to a single GL accounts payable control# - or controlled individually by Cust#, Stock#, last8, Reference, VIN
Sales Commission tracking by deal and posting to GL -upload to Payroll, custom packs (3 types)
From vehicle inventory view, ability to open and authorize an internal in service or purchase order and tie to a vehicle in stock.
Estimated Payoff calculation and storage of when the payoff was made by the office and Check# and Tracking of appraisal bids on used vehicles - which wholesaler bid on vehicle and how much
From vehicle inventory view, drill down to every repair order, service history- open or closed for the vehicle (by VIN#) and Print Window Stickers for selected vehicles
Unlimited amount of options, option groups, or pictures (multiple views) that can be tied to a stock#
Search vehicles by a payment amount range by year, make, model, high book, low book, etc.
Unlimited amount of F&I menus- gold, premium, etc.
Reporting of deals not in the office, heat sheet with a one-click to Excel
Tasks to notify sales department of meetings, events, training
Custom Quick Notes, scripts, letters, bulk emails, Bulk letters
Import/Export of Vehicle Inventory to websites
Import/Export of Customers, Vehicles. Leads, Internet Leads - Data Mining
Export Quick Notes and letters to Outlook or Word template for mass email mailings
Upload of customer's picture into the database, Import from Driver's license scanners, 3rd party lists
BDC- reassign customers to salespeople, View customer counts by salesperson
BDC - Data mining of customer vehicles by year, make, model, last payoff date, last delivery date, etc.
BDC - Utility to find and combine duplicate customers with Household link
BDC - Loyalty value program with customized point value for repair orders, parts tickets, vehicle sales - Drill down of Customer Value
Upload of customer's picture into the database
Filtering, reporting, and export to Excel by deal status- lead, pending, delivered, final
View all pending and dead deal trade-ins (sell from potential trade inventory)
Two levels of CRM salesperson, one with ability to Quote payments, and one without
"View only" of deals for salespeople once the sales manager or F&I manager has changed status to Pending or above
Reporting of inventory by model mix, gross by model, with one-click to Excel
Download of inventory for websites (or upload)
Floorplan / Cost view for each vehicle and reporting
Time clock view of all salespeople, F&I managers, etc - who is clocked in/out and from what terminal and time
Status view of employees on vacation, out of the dealership
Overtime Watch
Calendar - Daily, Monthly, Year- dealership wide, both service and sales appointments
Action Daily Work Plan and My Appointments for each salesperson
Actions (letters, emails, phone calls) - steps to the sale, Tasks by user
All Tasks to notify sales department of meetings, events, training
Quick Quotes of Payments (depending on security level desired)
Multiple vehicle purchase orders, orders, bids, invoices (for commercial bids)
Unlimited amount of trades for each deal
Sales, CRM, F&I, BDC, Vehicle Inventory
Usernames are Jack Manager
Frank Honest, John Doe (quotes), Peter Rabbit, Luke Skywalker, Kevin Klein
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