DealerStar DMS Payroll and HR
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Payroll and HR
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Login is Sue Smith (full access) and Brenda Clerk (limited)
dealerstar9014005.gif DealerStar DMS Payroll
Unlimited amount of pay period types
Easy "Worksheet" method of entering payroll, generate, regenerate feature
Time Clock with easy clock in/out and elapsed time report and upload to payroll
Tracking of vacation (expiring too) holiday, sick days and work schedules schedules
Time Clock approval by assigned supervisor
Check history stored forever
Overtime watch on every dashboard
Tracking of equipment (cell phones, laptops) assigned to employees
Unlimited distributions of payroll expense, deductions
Upload of Flags, Tech teams, Sales Commissions, bonuses, Goal setting
Scan employee documents to PDF and upload for storage
Automatic PDF storage of any printed employee check
Unlimited amount of deductions/AR setup with import to payroll from schedules
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"The online payroll worksheet makes entering payroll a snap"
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