DealerStar DMS Service
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Service, Dispatching, Tech Terminals
Click for Live Demo - Usernames: Rich Service (full access) Frank Tech, Joe Tech (techs) Allen Smith, Perry Mason (advisors)
Service Advisor calendar with view of technicians
Technician calendar
Time clock view of all technicians, advisors - who is clocked in/out and from what terminal and time
Bulk Email reminders to service appointments
Tracking of sold, flagged, and actual hours
Menu pricing to enable packages of labor ops and part numbers with prices for each
Sublet charges linked to repair order from purchase order and cashier screen
Unlimited amount of "other" charges can be added to a repair order with mapping to a single GL or schedule controlled by Reference, Stock#, Cust#, last8, or VIN
Other charges (shop supplies) can be automatically added to each RO as a percent of labor, parts, both or fixed with max/min
Quick adding of internals for vehicle inventory by sales department with authorization
VIN decoder for adding customer's other vehicles
Customized sales tax script for service and another for parts sales
Cashier entry of technician flags, SMS, sublet, rental charges
Service recall (campaign) tracking
Can close Customer lines independent of Warranty and Internal (without creating 3 repair orders.)
Link service and parts payments to receipts to reconcile cash sales for balancing cash drawer
Unlimited amount of payment types that can be controlled by last8, stock#, custID, VIN, or reference - or intercompany.
Comeback tracking and reporting
Quick Repair Order/Estimate - copy Estimate
Warranty Claim fields and tracking of submissions, compare to schedule balances
Over 25 reports including complete advisor / technician analysis
Three levels of dispatching; manual by advisor/manager, Auto Dispatch, and Available tech dispatch that shows current hours for the month so you can dispatch to a tech with less booked hours - to prevent paying guaranteed hours
Unsold shop hours tracking on dashboard
Skill levels and ranking by technician with a link to labor op code
Team and/or Tech flag hours - with upload to Payroll
Grid Labor - labor rates by flag hours
Mobile Tech clock on/off
Mobile Tech request parts
Complete mapping of sales by labor type, parts by source, and other sales by type to GL accounts
Easy Repair order routing page to filter by Status, Advisor
Appointments, Actions - tied to Customer and Repair orders
Service CRM - Search, then view or Export Customers by Last RO date, year, make, model, miles, VIN (or portion,) Recommended service.
Service CRM - View all vehicles owned with their history, recommended service, open Appts, Actions
Service CRM - View Customers by their Value, assigning points based on various factors like gross profit, sales amount. See in one place, total sales, gross profit - last RO date, deals, parts, etc.
Service CRM - Customer Value - filter by Deal salesperson, Outside salesperson, Inside parts salesperson
Service CRM - Best Customer List, rank customers by total sales, gross profit, number of ROs filter by Last RO date, etc.
Service CRM - Mass emails or letters by last RO date, Reminder of appointments, etc.
Overtime Watch
Calendar - Daily, Monthly, Year; dealership wide, both service and sales appointments
All Tasks to notify service department of meetings, events, training
dealerstar9016004.jpg DealerStar, the fully web-based DMS for automotive, truck, RV, motorsports, boat and bus dealerships
Graphical - If a part is not in stock, it shows up red
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DealerStar, the fully web-based DMS for automotive, truck, RV, motorsports, boat and bus dealerships
Very graphical - easy to learn