DealerStar Parts
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Parts Inventory and Invoicing
Click for Live Demo - Login is John Parts (full access) John Nut (limited)
Unlimited amount of sources with custom setup of sale accounts and pricing matrix
Ability to see by each part number or source each transaction and gross profit
Parts Dashboard that shows Gross profit, Past due tickets, sales by customer, counterperson for the setup by User Name
Drill down DOC to see the actual tickets/ROs that make up a gross profit line.
Parts Notepad for entering a list of parts and viewing pricing, qty - saves your list and you can print a picklist
Master and inventory display of demand, lost sales, pending orders
Lost sale tracking
Parts history - display snapshot of inventory at the end of the month
Pricing matrix of parts and repair orders with a base of cost, list or trade, +/-
Pricing escalations by source, matrix of an amount or percentage
Link of matrix to customer code (for common database but customized pricing by franchise or dealership (each store can have own pricing setup.)
Quick Pick List for Quotes - saves your Inquiry!
Special order parts with notification tracking and linking to Advisor, Tech, Customer, RO, VIN#, Ticket or stock#
Credit Limit checking - showing AR balance when ticket is opened
Physical inventory process with bin sheets, adjustments
Remote location tracking - for sales from delivery truck, QuickLube
Supersession and Alternate part number tracking
Parts kits
Technician notes and parts request with ability to respond
Core Tracking; dirty and clean cores (keeps outstanding until core is returned by technician)
Sell only parts for non-stocking part sales
Parts Catalog/Master to inventory transfer
Intercompany parts for transfers and inquires between dealerships
Fill rate report - filled from shelf and filled same day
Parts reports including XYZ ranking and parts management report for inventory aging
Parts CRM - see all parts history for a customer, add actions, see past due balances.
Parts CRM - List of top customers by RO, PT or both - including sales, gross profit
Parts CRM - Customer Value - filter by Deal salesperson, Outside salesperson, Inside parts salesperson
Robust report writer with one click download to Excel
Graphic - red if part is not on hand - green if gross profit is in range
dealerstar9015003.jpg DealerStar, the fully web-based DMS for automotive, truck, RV, motorsports, boat and bus dealerships
Very graphical - easy to learn
Watch Tutorial
DealerStar, the fully web-based DMS for automotive, truck, RV, motorsports, boat and bus dealerships
Graphical - If a part is not in stock, it shows up red